Cave of the Seven Palaces (Almuñécar)
Cave of the Seven Palaces (Almuñécar)

The Cave of the Seven Palaces is an underground cavity with a large stone vault where is located the Archaeological Museum of Almuñécar in the downtown of the same city.
This cave was occupied from the Bronze Age to the Modern Age.

Inside the museum, it is possible to visit all the architecture and ornamentation of Phoenician, Punic, Iberian, Roman, Christian and Arab origin over the centuries, in addition to the different rooms that you can visit.

There are different opinions regarding the functionality of the cave:
One of them is that it was part of an ancient Arab palace and that it could be part of the stables for the royal horses.

Other authors believe that it could be a small water tank for the irrigation of the gardens or a Roman building as an added construction to save the unevenness of the hill and flatten the land.


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